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Welcome To SixRM!

SixRM is a strategic marketing consulting firm featuring a complete Strategic Internet Marketing Platform.  We work with our clients in a variety of ways ranging from providing clients with our internet marketing platform, to strategic consulting and program execution.  We can assist you with; understanding your customers, product mix, margin analysis, marketing mix, messaging, targeting and performance tracking

Easy To Manage Websites
"For the first time ever, I
absolutely love our web presence." - Julie Eischens, Future Concepts.

Simple & Effective Marketing
" ...everything is so effective
and easy to use, plus they are
always there for us - a true
partner!." - Blaine Kirchert, Chefs Abode

A Strategic Partner
"SixRM has successfully guided our business for many years,
and their products and services continually perform." - Therese, Alora Ambiance.

SixRM’s Strategic Internet Marketing Platform delivers multiple modules (we also have special packages) that you can pick and choose from to implement what is right for your organization. "The analogy I use for our platform", says Greg Quas, "it's like a car, we have the engine, transmission, tires and the frame, you can wrap whatever sheet metal around it you like."  (Click here to see some of our clients)

Our Modules Include:  

   - Website Manager
   - Search Optimizer - Integrated Automated Search Optimization That Drives High Rankings & Reduces PFB Costs
   - Calendar Based Shopping Cart - Calendar Based With Inventory Availability and Integrated Online Payment Acceptance
   - Daily Deal Coupon Shopping Cart -
Easy Daily Deal Site Integration Plus Generate Your Own Automated Coupons for Redemption

   - Shopping Cart Manager
   - Distributor Request for Quote Cart Manager
   - Email Marketing Manager
   - Calendar Manager
   - Gallery Manager
   - Blog Manager
   - Tracking Manager
   - Project Manager

Our comprehensive approach takes into consideration the Six R's of marketing

   - Right Audience
   - Right Channel
   - Right Time
   - Right Message
   - Right Offer
   - Right Product

SixRM consulting engagements implement our six phase strategic marketing process that delivers successful strategic direction and measured executables.

   - Discovery
   - Strategy Assessment
   - Design
   - Development
   - Delivery
   - Measurement and Evaluation

Please take some time and browse our website to learn more about SixRM products plus our strategic and tactical execution services.  Together, with our clients, we deliver smart marketing, effective solutions.

(Click here to see some of our clients)

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